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Premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is ejaculation occurring before the desirable time of orgasm of, at least, one of two spouses.

At present, there are no time limits for sexual intercourse; therefore, there is no consensus about what is the norm. An intercourse may last for several seconds and for several minutes. If intercourse duration is satisfactory for both partners irrespective of time spent, this duration is normal for this couple.

Premature ejaculation affects 20-60% of men.

Different therapies for premature ejaculation are available, including psychotherapy, local anesthetics, and falloprostheses.

Treatment with ECADO: to treat premature ejaculation, ECADO is used in the forms of highly dispersed emulsion or rectal suppositories. The preparations are highly active because they block nervous impulses from the ejaculation center to the penis.

The preparations are quite safe. ECADO in the form of emulsion or rectal suppositories is used for 20-40 days (1-2 packages) depending on the severity of the disease. 


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Premature ejaculation