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 Dear Nikolay Yevgeniyevich,

 I am sorry for my delayed answer.

Herewith, I send to you the results of examination of my prostate.

I started worrying about my urogenital system in June 2008. Upon examination, it was found that, besides my increased prostate (see protocol of 1.07.2008) and other related problems, I have increased blood sugar (18.07). I was advised to use transurethral microwave thermotherapy for treatment without guaranteed results and at an unacceptable cost. Till March 2009, I was busy with my blood sugar problem and decided to use a diet without sugar lowering drugs. At present, upon adherence to the diet, my blood sugar is 5.4 to 6.5 units and is higher, of course, upon frolicking with sweeties. By the end of March, I passed prostate ultrasonography (see protocol of 31.03.2009). The size was increased again. My doctor proposed several drugs and reexamination in six months.

In the beginning of April, I purchased Ecado and smelled with camphora for 24 days. Unpleasant sensations in my perineum seized; however, it was not up to morning erections. Ultrasonography made in the beginning of May (see photo of 13.05.2009, I did not wait till protocol was ready) cheered me up. I purchased Ecado for another treatment course and smelled again. The long-awaited erection started to visit me infrequently after the second half of the second Ecado course.   

In the beginning of October, I passed another ultrasonography (see protocol of 03.10.2009) and, with my prostate decreased in size, came up to you. The result seems to be excellent with regard to size, but there is the feeling that something is underdone. Please accept my gratitude. I am ready to eradicate drawbacks and mistakes.

P.S. Over the entire period of using Ecado I did not change my habits and ration including:

  • - 100 g of anti-stress remedy each evening,
  • - mustard, meat, vegetables, and
  • - all the rest.

With many thanks and best regards

(note: the prostate decreased by more than 50%!)

"This must be understandable for specialists, urologists, and for anyone familiar with endocrinological pathology and must be taken positively by them. To my mind, the work should be described according to the following plan. Begin with a description of what is the prostate and what are its functions. Specifically address the dependency of its function upon age and other factors. Why its morphology alters with increasing age so as to result in disease? Tell whether the disease is inevitable, is it programmed, and, if not, how one can avoid it. How one can prevent the pathology before the first signs of the disease appear? May be, this is already told, but not in detail, vaguely, not for every man. I am sure, this must be addressed in press, broadcasting, and TV. Emphasize that the therapy may be purchased from you and make you address and telephone known. The use of your preparation is physiologically substantiated and should be approved as follows from the evidence provided by people who has been treated by you.

                                                                                 Kalashnikov A.S., M.D.

"Ecado is another Russian miracle. This is a super preparation for experienced men. By some enigmatic reasons, this "secret" still has not announced about itself to the world. I wish you every success in the commercialization of your discovery, dear Professor.

                                                                                  Doctor R.F., Germany 

 "I use Ecado for about one month, an here is the testimony of my partner who is 27: "You are not better than my husband and friend in many respects; however, I am attracted to you somehow..."

                                                                                 Patient B, 57 years, worker, the city of Vologda

    "The effectiveness of Ecado fully manifested itself in two months. My prostate decreased (I passed ultrasonography twice: at the onset of using the preparation and two months thereafter). Perineum aching seized. I visit WC one time over night vs. 4-5 times before Ecado. Moreover, sex desire reappeared. I apologise for this frankness. Therefore, I highly esteem Ecado by thanking you, Dr. Chernobayev, for this miraculous medicine."

                                                            Patient N, 73 years, Honorary Artist of Russia,Moscow

    "I would like to say some words about Ecado. The main thing is that it works. One shall regularly use the preparation and believe that the time will come when erection will be firm, and your lover, like the one I had recently, will tell "Why do you keep saying that you are 30 years older than me when you do this all for so long?" The time has come, and my lover comes to me from her young husband more and more often!"

                                              Pensioner still at work, V.K,, 59 years. Tosno, Leningradslaya oblast.

           "I was advised surgery as long ago as in the USSR, but I did not take it seriously. Then the time had come to suffer: a visited WC 7-9 times overnight. I started to attend urologists, I took Tamsulosin, Mepartricin and much more. Then I happened to visit a real Doctor who literally relieved me from this suffering. Now, when I go to sleep at 10 p.m., I stand up only once till 7 a.m. I sleep well and feel better. The effect of Ecado is quite apparent. I do not feel any discomfort and I believe that I am all right."

                                                                    Patient S, 76 years, Pavlovsk

      "Since recently, I do not feel myself a real man any more. A lot of different thoughts came to me, and a lot of different imported drugs were tried. Nothing helped. The preparation suggested by Dr. Chernobayev produced a unique effect. I do not speak about the disappearance of all sorts of pain. Interest to sex was revived at the age of 76. I am very grateful."

                                                                      Patient H, 76 years, Saint-Petersurg.


Dear Nikolay Yevgeniyevich,

   Let me thank you sincerely for the medicine Ecado, which is used by me for the second month. Now I may firmly say that the effect of this prescription is striking. I am 77 years old already, and I have been being treated for prostate adenoma for 20 years. Over many years, I faithfully took different drugs prescribed by different doctors; however, even with my extreme accuracy and self-discipline, they were of little help or of no help at all with my two infarctions, chronic gastritis and other concomitant conditions. Surgery is contraindicated and even dangerous for me. Therefore, only therapeutic treatment could give me hope. I was lucky to visit you by recommendations from people I know who are also grateful to you for such a wonderful medicine as Ecado.

Nikolay Yevgeniyevich, I want to tell you that Ecado unexpectedly produced a positive effect on my sexual relationships with my wife who is 22 years younger than me. Thus, the preparation consolidated my family and made me sure of my male potency.

Besides that, the unique way of using of Ecado allows me to retain the full scale of my cardiovascular drugs without damaging my stomach with more tablets and mixtures, which are anyway too numerous after infarction.

It is hard to enlist all positive health effects produced due to proper prescriptions provided by Dr. Chernobayev. Your medicine is for me (so as for many other patients) a true remedy against further progression of adenoma (as evidenced by ultrasonography) and age related impotence. For the first time in recent years I am truly happy being saved from prostatectomy and being able to live normal life and to exercise my husband duty. I am quite convinced that your invention, Ecado, should be widely introduced in health care and that it is worth of scientific attention and calls for rewarding you as the inventor of the medicine so much needed by millions of patients suffering from such a coward diseases as prostate adenoma, especially of those who cannot undergo prostatectomy.

Your talent, dear Nikolay Yevgeniyevich, must be demanded in health care because this is what your patient ask for. Ecado is what patients need because Ecado cures. Once again, I thank doctor Chernobayev for his salutary invention and wish him further advances in his work and happiness in his life.


Patient V.Ya., member of Writers Association of the REussian Federation, Pavlovsk


         The time has come for the next course of therapy for prostatitis because pain in my perineum and groin does not subside and, instead, becomes more acute and disgusting. The disease lasts for 20 years. Over that time, I tried different treatments including therapeutic exercises, point massage, prostate massage, herbs, physiotherapy, antibiotics, syringe enemas etc. All these not so harmless procedures are so time consuming that it is not always possible to pass a complete treatment course. With all that, the main thing with them is their poor efficiency, that is why some of those whom I know committed suicide because of this disease. These grave thoughts led me, by recommendation of my familiar physicians, to doctor Chernobayev. I depicted in my mind all ordeals I will have to go through. However, things followed a scenario so different, that I could not comprehend much of it at once. Doctor said that the preparation Ecado is merely introduced into the rectum once a day before going to sleep, and nothing else has to be done. Whether this is a scientific breakthrough or only delusion, this did not matter then. I had nothing to loose because in the recent months even my interest to women was platonic. In the morning after administering the preparation I woke up because a powerful erection, such as I had no for long. My wife was still asleep while I had to go for my work. Nevertheless, my mood was cheered up because pain that pursued me, especially at night, subsided. That is when the hope for cure appeared. The whole day was marked with libido. Women at my work whom I did not pay attention to seemed quite attractive now. When I got home, I started making love with my wide without prelude. The first act was transient; however, the second and the third ones were more protracted and successful, and my wife was quite excited. In the end, we fell asleep embraced and satisfied. The disease departed, family relationships changed for better, occupational problems were solved - all this due to Ecado at its author.

Probably, this man has made many people much happier, thought I after having experienced the effect of Ecado. I do have an idea about hardships gone through by those who do not know how easy it is to cure the diseases of the century, prostatitis.

                   Patient O, 47 years, candidate of technological sciences, Saint-Petersburg.

 Dear Prof. Chernobayev,

 I would like to thank you for the preparation Ecado developed by you. Some time ago I acquired a very unpleasant disease, chronic prostatitis, and suffered from it for the last 10 years. I experienced exacerbations 4-5 times annually. Usually, I was treated with physiotherapy and antibiotics.

After another exacerbation subsided, the next one occurred in 2-3 months. In 2003, my attending physician Z.I.V. prescribed Ecado. About 7 days after the onset of treatment, pain in perineum  tortured me no more, and, more importantly, my sexual potency increased. I administered the preparation for two months and experienced no exacerbations during all this time. Then, while fishing, I caught cold and experienced another exacerbation; however, it was transient due to Ecado. In comparison with previous treatments (Gentos, Vitaprost, Prostamol, Uno, Viagra, Sialis, antibiotics, etc.) Ecado produces prompt, specific, and stable effect and is easy for use.

I would like the preparation to be more easily available and better known to other patients like me.

 I wish you further success in introducing your medicine.

With best regards

Patient V.Z., aged 46, Riazan

      Because of my occupation, I experience severe physical and nervous stresses and frequent overexposures to cold. As a result, I have prostatitis, which turned into the chronic form. When I was younger, the diseases was tolerated without medical attention; however, with age, complications developed: pain in the groin increased, urinations became more difficult, and stable discomfort developed. Whatever treatment resulted in only a transient relief. Upon any overexposure to cold, especially in autumn or winter, the diseases exacerbated. Sexual problems developed. My attending physician Z.I.V. advised me Ecado for treatment.

The preparation is developed by Prof. N. Ye. Chernobayev.

In 2003, I passed two treatment courses with the Ecado emulsion according to the regimen, suggested to me, at a 6-7 months interval. The results were apparent in 1-2 days. Pain subsided, and normal urination soon restored. Erection was strengthened, sensitivity during coitus increased, and the sexual function was enhanced.

There were no side effects over the whole treatment course.

A slight discomfort is produced by the smell of the emulsion, which impregnates the whole body; however, it does not preclude treatment. After the second course, a experience no exacerbations for two years and have no need in special care. 

I believe that this preparations should be manufactured at a greater scale and express my sincere gratitude to the developer of this really miraculous medicine.


With best regards

Patient K.N., aged 43, Riazan

              In the early 1960-ies, I had an unfortunate accident resulting in spine injury and impaired function of the pelvic organs. I became impotent. For several decades I was deprived of the pleasure of intercourse with women. This was extremely frustrating, almost killing. However, some time ago I became acquainted with urologist Dr. Chernobayev and told him about my trouble. To say the truth, I had little hope to be cured because I addressed many doctors over decades. Imagine my rejoice when, a few days after Ecado started to be administered, my "little brother" stirred for the first time, and now I again gaze at women's legs with men's interest and desire. I believe that whatever old I am now, I will enjoy the est of life.


24.12.2005. Patient Nikolay Arsent'yevich, 70 years old. Member of Writers Association,


         More than 25-30 years ago, I was diagnosed with chronic prostatitis. Then, about 15 years ago, BPH was found. Drugs, such as Permixon, Cardura, Terazosin, Alfuzosin, Tamsulosin and others, did not influence adenoma structure and growth. The process of changes in my prostate went on; however, when I started to use Ecado, the process slowed down, and, although it did not stop, the growth of my prostate decelerated, and urination returned to normal when the liquid was administered by night, i.e., not later than at 20 h, even better, before 19 h. This does improve life quality. I continue using Ecado and believe that it is the best preparation compared with all others.

                                             27.12.05. Patient V.A., 76 years old. Thank you, dear doctor.

         After using ECADO, I experience strong desire, and erection became full blown. Only one thought remained in my had: I want a woman. Now, when this happens every day for many months, and my woman wants me, this is I what I call a miracle.

                                               Konstantin, 60 years old, engineer. Saint-Petersburg.

 Dear Nikolay Yevgeniyevich,

I would like to  thank you for your treatment and specifically mention the preparation Ecado developed by you. Everything you have told and written about it is true. This is no overstatement. I would like to cite great Boris Pasternak who said: "Fairy tale is when routine is touched upon by the hand of a genius". Many thanks to you.

                                                              Patient I. 48 years. Moscow.  

I heard rumors about Ecado. I am 56 and have no special reasons to complaint about my health. However, I decided to pass a preventive course of treatment. The effect of Ecado was striking. At last I feel myself a real man. This is at my age!

                                                               Patient Z., 56 years, business owner. Chita.

         I got known about the highly dispersed camphora preparation Ecado accidentally from my colleague. First, I tried it myself. Then advised it to my father and, further on, to my patients. I suffer from varicosis inherited from my mother. My problems at 49 years of age include edemas, sensation of heaviness and fatigue in my legs, varicous veins, and haemorrhoids. I was advised to use Ecado and tried it. After the third administration, my condition improved. The improvement was manifested as reduced edema in my legs and congestion in my small pelvis. I walked better, my strides became longer and broader, as if in the navy, my bladder started to be filled better, I became able to restrain urination till WC is available, morning erections appeared as if I am sixteen, and my urine jet became really masculine, strong and long-ranged. As a result, my mood and attitudes became more positive.

As to my patients, I can tell about one of them who tried all known drugs and physiotherapeutic techniques to treat prostate adenoma. He is 65 and he lives active life as pensioner at his suburban lot. After a course of treatment, he admitted feeling better. He said that even expensive imported drugs cannot match with Ecado, and Viagra may well shut up, and he started to recommend Ecado to his friends.

I would like to thank doctor Chernobayev for his Ecado. I am happy that this discovery happened here in Russia.

        Psychotherapeutist at a municipal hospital, 49 years, Saint-Petersburg

   I always knew that the attendants of my course are the best.

I administer your preparation for three days and has to admit that I did not expect everything to be so prompt and at once. It is fine that my wife has come for a week. Urine jet became strong. I wish you further advances, and do not hide yourself like R. Fisher

                                                                                 Patient V, 50 years.

Student sergeant at Military Medical Academy, years 1977-1983, currently in Theodosia

        Very many years ago a misfortune fell on me. For some unknown reasons I acquired a disease, which rapidly progressed to eventually make me impotent. By my friends' advice, I addressed to specialists who undertook to treat me. I had already learned that that this disease is virtually incurable; therefore, I am doomed to be sexually impotent. Imagine my surprise when after a short time I experienced urges of sex desire. This occurred upon administering of Dr. Chernobaev preparation, and then my erection restored virtually completely. After some more time, I felt completely sound in the sexual sense. I am 53 now, I have regular intercourses with my wife and pretty many lover partners, and often notice that women of virtually all ages pay attention to me. I would like to thank very much my dear doctor and his invention, which is an elixir not only for me, but also for many of my friends and people I know.

                                                     Patient Sh, 53 years, retired colonel, Saint-Petersburg

Dear Nikolay Yevgeniyvich!

My name is Alexander.

I would like to thank you for the preparation Ecado developed by you. I am 33, and at 21, I was diagnosed with chronic prostatitis. Since that time, I was treated at different places with a wide range of preparations and methods. Generalizing my sad experience, two regimen may be distinguished.

The first one (traditional, so to say).

Therapies consisted of antibiotics, sometimes preceded by testing of microflora sensitivity to a given preparation. Besides that, physiotherapy is administered (laser, magnetic therapy, vibroacoustic therapy etc.).

After such treatment, some relief was experienced for about two months, and then everything resumed, especially after excessive cooling or alcohol. Pain, frequent urination and other "charms" of the disease relapsed.

The second regimen (alternative medicine - different herbal self-made preparations, homeopathy, bee products, such as suppositories with propolis, flower pollen, beebread etc). In spite of great expectations, these regimens also proved not to meet my hopes, although they afforded transient improvements. As time passed, I started experiencing problems with erection, which make a serious psychological injury to any man.

At last, when I surfed the Internet to find an answer to the question of how one can fight prostatitis, I came across information about Ecado. In fact, after all my sad experience over the years that passed, I did not quite believe in its high potency. However, when I started administering Ecado, I felt its beneficial effect from virtually the first days.

Ecado does help. Exhausting pain seized. I do not visit WC several times a night, which is very cheerful. Problems with the opposite sex have gone away, which is important at any age, especially when you are 33.
Thank you vert much!.

                                            Patient A, 33 years

                                                                           Lecturer at a college, Saint-Petersburg

                When I was 37, I had to divorce from my beloved wife, and the rhythm of my sexual life went awry. Along with other problems, I acquired chronic prostatitis, its leading symptoms being impaired erection and premature ejaculation. This resulted in a serious psychological strain up to overt depression. Prostatitis played a significant role in its development.

I started to avoid sexual contacts, my isolation progressed, and so on and on. My depression grew stronger.

The diseases I had was not so easy to admit. I addressed a private urological clinic in Moscow.

Ultrasonography suggested the diagnosis of prostatitis with prostate enlarged by 30%.

Bacteriological tests were negative. Nevertheless, 2 weeks of antibiotics were advised together with vibromassage, interferon injections etc.

Simply saying, the therapy was nonspecific. What was it for? - one cannot know. The leading role in the pathogenesis of prostatitis is played by the thickening of prostatic secretion, which is bactericidal by itself. Why antibiotics, when they are not targeted? Why massage, when the drainage of the prostate is impaired? Many question arise. Obviously, the efficiency of the current therapeutic regimens is low.

The symptomatic approach involves the use of Viagra, Cialis etc. thus paving straight way to drug dependency!

In the Internet, I have found information about Ecado. My first reaction was sceptical, of course, although its mechanism of action on the prostate was described in a very clear and understandable way.

My hesitations led me Nikolay Yevgeniyevich.

The results were impressive. First, all physiotherapy and antibiotics were cancelled. In a week, all symptoms disappeared. Ultrasonography showed a decrease in prostate size by 30%.

Because I have to experience periodical physical stresses and exposures to overcooling, I decided to pass one more treatment course for prophylaxis, because the preparation is based on natural component and produce no side effects and drug dependency. Besides, camphora drains bronchi, too.

I think that Dr. Chernobaev discovery is a one of genius.  As such, Ecado is extremely simple and acts in a quite understandable way.

Sometimes years are spent to find one's own doctor and one's own way.

Of course, panaceas are scarce; therefore, many thing must be done to support one's health. Ecado can definitely help in this respect either physically and mentally.

I wish everybody in need to find Nikolay Yevgeniyevich soon and become whole again.

                                                                          Dmitriy, professional sportsman

                    I am 68. For 5 years I successfully use the preparation Ecado developed by Nikolay Yevgeniyvich Chernobayev. Sever years ago, impotence fell on me. For two years thereafter I addressed different counselling health care centers including "On-Clinic Neva". Everything was in vain.

By chance, I heard from my friends about successful treatment of this problem N.Ye. Chernobayev. The use of his preparation resulted in prompt restoration of my sexual function. Then I continued using the preparation for 2 months. For 5 years, I use the ointment from time to time. Besides its principal indication, the ointment proved to efficient against haemorrhoids and constipation and normalizes the intestinal function. I would like to thank Dr. Chernobayev very much for his miraculous preparation, which makes in possible to prolongate male sexual life.

                                                Patient P., 68 years.

                                                             Head physician of cardiological department.


 The older you grow, the greater is the significance of your intimate life. All failures are taken very painfully. When they recur, you think that it is the end to everything. When I started using Ecado, everything rectified.

After the excitement of my lover, the talks all around were that revival is possible and age is nothing. I believe that Ecado is like a flash in the darkness for those who does not know what love is. Other women look attractive and sexy now. I will pay them dew attention.

                                                            Patient U, 61 years, Guard


     Dear Nikolay Yevgeniyvich,

I am short of words to express my gratitude to you for the preparation that you provide to men who have lost hope to find a cure from this terrible disease. It is terrible indeed, because the very awareness that you could not avoid this fate prevents you from feeling yourself a man. Useless visits to doctors and kilograms of antibiotics turn you down so that you grow evil and aggressive, this is not to say about what occurs to you family life. This is what I passed through when the terrible diagnosis of chronic prostatitis was made. Even with my pretty strong sexuality and with all my self-convincing attempts, I had to use Viagra and other drugs thus humiliating myself in my thoughts still more badly. The vicious circle compressed. Many men will understand me. This is whom I am writing for. I am chary of praise (too fond of myself); however, you just try, do not grudge, and everything will come back.

I passed just one course and, I say it again, I deliberately do not write about what and how, let it be a pleasant surprise; however, there is one thing to strike me, so I will tell. We all, or nearly all, would like to make intercourse longer and never find it long enough, me being  not an exclusion. However, I get accustomed to my usual time, which I kept with age, and even did not dream of what I experience. Suddenly, although not a once (everything may happen), I was greatly surprised to notice that my time to the end increased three to fourfold; in fact I became able to control the time myself.   

Dear Nikolay Yevgeniyvich! I am grateful to you so much! It is like flying. I even somewhat afraid of the possibility of uncontrolled bust of positive emotions. 

                                                    Alexey N. Office clerk, 47 years.


                                                                                                    15 January 2008.

     I have heard about Ecado from my friends with whom I used to visit Russian baths. I am 56, and I suffer from type 2 diabetes, hence my problems with erection. I spent 3 years searching for an appropriate drug. I visited urologists, examined my prostate, passed through massage, had a trip to Yessentuki and even purchased the preparation "Emperor's Power" with much hope, which was deceived. Results came when I started to use Ecado. My wife became really jealous. Now I decided to purchase two more packages. Everything turned clear. What else can I say? Hurray and many thanks to doctor Chernobayev.


                                                          With best regards

                                                                 M, 56 years, MIA colonel in retirement

                                                                                      Tyumen Oblast


 Dear Nikolay Yevgeniyevich,

Me and my wife, we both saw your web site very attentively. It is lucky that we came across it. Of course, you have made your discovery with Heaven's help. You are urologist, right? Therefore, the discovery is the end result of your work. This is God's will, believe it. There probably was some reason to put it into your head. A.S. Pushkin, our poet, he too got it all from Heaven. It is thus simple. Those men's diseases are spread so widely in the world. Almost everybody is ill. Thanks to God, you have dug this out. Your now just promote your preparation, do not be shy, everything is terribly all right.


                                                                             Patient Ch., 71 years, Moscow.

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