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Male infertility


In 50% of infertile marriages, men are responsible. Both spouses are always to be examined; however, the first to be checked is sperm. If no sperm pathology is found, no other examination should be carried out at this stage.  

The many causes of male infertility known to be associated with spermogram abnormalities include: genital tract infections, orchitic, epididymitis (many chronic infections may be symptomless), hormonal preparations, antibiotics, cytostatics, chemicals, overheating, acute infections, chronic renal diseases, bronchiectasis in the childhood, sinusites, varicocele, etc.

There are untreatable forms of male infertility.

The immediate causes of such conditions are unclear; however, their association with some diseases may be traced, including:

  • cryptorchism (testicle dropping)
  • chromosomal abnormalities (Klinefelter syndrome, extra Y-chromosome)
  • parotitis (mumps)
  • chronic renal diseases
  • bronchiectasis in childhood
  • chronic sinusites

It is important to reveal these conditions and to inform married couples about them.

In about half of men, the cause of sperm pathology is either unknown or unclear. These cases are qualified as idiopathic infertility and sperm pathology. Several approaches to treating men having sperm pathology are known. However, they are not strictly substantiated by science and do not provide for results needed to assess their therapeutic efficiency.

The experience accumulated so far provides evidence of the high efficiency of treating men who have sperm pathology (stages 1-2-3 oligoasteozospermia) with the preparation ECADO. The effect of the treatment cannot be assessed earlier than 3 months following its onset (the cycle of spermia development takes 74 days, this the biological norm for humans). Either emulsion or rectal suppositories of Ecado are used for the treatment. Emulsion is more bioavailable. Upon a long-term repeated (threefold) checking of sperm, an additional course, up to 6 months, of treatment is required.

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Male infertility