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Erectile dysfunction



Erectile dysfunction is male inability to achieve and sustain a sufficient rigidity of the penis to perform coitus.

Erectile dysfunction may happen at any age. At an age of 45-60 years, it Affects 15-45% of men. Thre older is a man, the more vulnerable he is to this condition.

Erectile dysfunction is expressed as incomplete and unstable rigidity of ther penis. It may be organic or psychogenic. The organic form makes 40-60% of all ED cases depending on age. Its most common causes are diabetes mellitus, hypertension, traumas of the spine and brain and may be also associated with medicinal drugs, alcohol and smoking.

Many theories, treatment approaches and diagnostic routines were proposed during the last century. However, all of them ruined against the fact of penile inconsistency.

TREATMENT: By now, only one preparation exists in the world to act on the spinal center of erection and thus is involved in the neuromodulation of erection. This preparation is ECADO. It is the world fist therapy featuring this mechanism of action. It provides for a balanced rearrangement of the functional state of the spinal center of erection, which is featured by different diseases. The preparation is highly efficient and quite safe.

The treatment uses ECADO emulsion or suppositories applied by courses lasting for 20-40 days (1-2 packages). It is important to apply the preparation 30 minutes before anticipated intercourse. For preventive purposes ECADO emulsion or suppositories are used by corses lasting from 20 days (1 package), their number being 1 to 3 per year depending on the severity of the condition. The most bioavailable form of ECADO is its emulsion.   

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Erectile dysfunction