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Adenoma of the prostate


The benign hyperplasia of the prostate (BPH) or prostatic adenoma is the age-dependent enlargement of the prostate.

As early as by the age of 40, notable changes in the prostate occur, and men are more and more frequently complaint about impaired urination. By 50 years, BPH is diagnosed in 50% of men, and by 80 years, in 95.5%.

The cause of this condition follows from statistical data. The disease is inevitable for every man, is clearly age-associated, and is ubiquitous.

The clinical manifestations of the diseases are expressed as impaired urination. The symptoms include an increased frequency of urination in daytime and nighttime, weak urine jet, imperative urges for urination, difficult urination, morning incontinence. All manifestations are caused by the enlargement of the prostate and impaired urine outflow up to complete retention. One of dangerous complications of prostatic adenoma is acute retention. Adenoma facilitates the infecting of urine, the formation of calculi, and the development of renal failure.

Treatment.  Earlier and at present, many therapies for prostatic adenoma have been being exercised. Each therapy has its proponent. I will not argue with them here.

ECADO is used for treatment in two forms, as suppositories and as emulsion. The use of these preparations allows to improve patients' general condition and to decrease the size of the prostate by 30-35% on average in a very short time. Very impressive results have been obtained, including an up to 50% decrease in prostate size. However, everything is very personal, as usual. The sexual function recovers invariably.

The application of ECADO emulsion lasts for 60 days or longer, depending on the severity of the condition to be treated.  The supportive therapy may employ courses of ECADO suppositories lasting for 40 days, the number of the courses being 2-4 depending on the severity of the condition to be treated.

Since the development of prostatic syndrome at younger ages and the enlargement of the prostate are the chains of one and the same natural and continual process of aging, the use of the above preparations is highly warranted. For this, a preventive program is available (see  ).

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Adenoma of the prostate