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ECADO in neuromodulation of erection and ejaculation


  • 1. Ecado induces zonal excitation in the erection center and nerve impulse propagation by VIP-ergic to the cavernous bodies.
  • 2. Ecado blocks neural transmission via cholinergic neuron because of its M- and N-cholinolytic efects.
  • 3. Ecado blocks neural transmission from the ejaculation center of the spinal nervous system because of its N-cholinolytic effect
  • 4. Ecado acts on chemoreceptors in the venous wall and induces venule contraction.
  • 5. Synergism, i.e., joint neuromodulation by VIP and acetylcholine results in the production and liberation of nitric oxide (NO), then to the activation of guanylate cyclase, and then to an increase in the synthesis of the intracellular messenger 3,5-cGMP.
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Action plan