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Addressing my dear patients

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You are visiting my WWW site in need for help. Probably, you have already been provided with a conventional treatment and are now seeking for something more optimal and effective.

Unfortunately, shit happens. When the sort of it in question has happened, a single medicine based on well-known camphora will help. Indeed, such a medicine was long awaited for. More exactly,this invention relates to a novel medical application of camphora.

ECADO efficiently restores full-blown erection. At present, it is the first and only neuromodulator of erection. The results of treating of 75 yeast-old patients are magnificent.

ECADO normalises coitus duration.

ECADO is effective in the treatment of prostatitis. It readily penetrates the prostate and liquifies its secretion, thus helping its full evacuation, and efficiently eliminates pathogenic microflora.

ECADO is a means for nonoperative treatment of adenoma of the prostate. It provides for an up to 50% decrease in the size of the prostate in a very short time.

ECADO ensures the best in treating of male infertility.

ECADO may be used for prophylaxis according to a special regimen.

ECADO is potent and, at the same time, very safe.

                                                                    Doctor N. Chernobayev; call: +7 (921) 6576044



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Addressing my dear patients